Seamless drive-through payments for every car

Meet the future of parking

Don't you just love queuing up to pay for parking? We don't either.

Once you register with your car and credit card, just drive through any Parkour enabled garage: no buttons to press, no tickets to handle, and no cash to pay. Your car’s Visual Identity lets you seamlessly enter and exit, with payments automatically handled behind the scenes.

Zero hassle, more benefits

By migrating the garage ticket to your phone, you can finally keep track of your parking history. Got to check how long you parked? Sure. Need an expense report for a trip? Easy. Need assistance? Just start a chat with the garage staff via the Parkour app.

Parkour also makes perks more accessible than ever. You’ll always get the best available fee when you park, while racking up on Parkour Points in the meantime.

By the way, anyone can pay for your ticket, regardless of where you parked to have lunch at that nice bistro or how long your hair salon treatment takes. Finally, the ability to validate parking is available to any business, for any garage.

Security & privacy

Convenience shouldn’t come at the cost of privacy. Your credit card number is never shared with Parkour, and we abide to high privacy standards to keep you anonymous and untracked.

When you make a drive-through payment, we instantly send you a notification. And, if you think anything is wrong, our customer service is just a tap away.

Technology under the bonnet

Parkour’s software and hardware systems do a lot of heavy lifting to make your driving (and parking) experience easy. Parkour’s Visual Identity engine learns about your car over time to make recognition quicker and more secure. The same level of security is applied to all commercial locations as to Parkour Industrial partners, who use Parkour’s technology for mission critical vehicle access control. Yet, everything is so simple on the surface.

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